Vine is changing how we make and view movies

Do the constraints placed upon artists by small format media platforms allow creativity to flourish or fail? This is the question I attempted to answer in the latest Buzz Track podcast along with co-host Harrison Murray and guest Adrian Ortega. But, as always, the conversation meandered amongst a range of interesting topics. In this episode you will hear:

  • Some of our favourite Vines
  • Filming the public – their rights and yours
  • Fat-shaming editing choices
  • Defamation cases
  • Viral videos and online fame
  • Cult of personality
  • Constructing personality online
  • Social media impacts and history
  • Do we love the person or the content?
  • Vines in advertising
  • Social benefits of the Internet
  • Niche audiences
  • Internet and older peeps


The Buzz Track The Buzz Track is a podcast that talks about movies and video from the perspective of film makers and scholars. It comes out sporadically and has a laid-back, meandering conversation style that is full of laughs and insight.

Note: the editing is a bit rushed on this episode because it has been sitting in the bank for ages and I wanted to get it out there. Hope you love it, there will be more. Let us know your thoughts. 

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