Author: katiemelbourne

“If you are not a thinking human, to what purpose are you a human at all?” – adapted from Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Katie Melbourne loves the pursuit of knowledge, fireplaces, whisky, and friendly banter.

Five tips for a successful podcast interview

Conducting an interview can be a daunting task. Like networking at events or public speaking, there is an art to the interview so subtle that we often think it must…
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How to design an eye-catching academic poster in just one day

I was challenged with the task of designing an academic poster to represent one of the research institutes at the University of Melbourne - and only one day to get…
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Vine is changing how we make and view movies

Do the constraints placed upon artists by small format media platforms allow creativity to flourish or fail? This is the question I attempted to answer in the latest Buzz Track podcast…
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Electric currents through the brain could lead to accelerated learning

Remember that scene in The Matrix where Neo is strapped into a chair, hooked up to a computer via a huge needle-stlye plug into his brain, and then has all the information…
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What is the point of 3D printing in the home?

3D printing is becoming more accessible, more versatile, and is beginning to be marketed as a domestic product. There is even a 3D printer for kids set for release in…
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How to be a parent and a writer without losing your mind

'Write what you know' they say, but as a new parent all I knew was dirty nappies, sleepless nights, and the smell of milk permeating everything. I felt like it…
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Are film festivals excluding independent film makers?

Film festivals often claim to be motivated by a desire to put a spotlight on emerging talent but restrictive entry requirements can mean that entering is a big gamble for…
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Why a mother’s love is like Stockholm Syndrome

Months of sleep deprivation, loss of physical autonomy, extended exposure to high-pitched squealing sounds, and long hours of rocking back and forth. By the time I got some normalcy back,…
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The myth of the supermum

SuperMum. She is that lady in the daytime ads for paper towels and other household products. Her home is immaculate, her hair always done, her kids are neat, and when little Timmy comes…
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