Katie Melbourne

Katie Melbourne is the business name and nom de plume of freelance writer, multimedia journalist, and podcaster, Kate Murray. Katie is a pen for hire and has a special skill for taking complex ideas, distilling them down to their essence, and delivering the results in plain language with a compelling narrative. She believes there is no concept so intricate that it cannot be accessible to all.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak”

– Hans Hoffman (artist, 1880-1966)

This website is a place for Katie to talk personably about her many interests and adventures. From running Melbourne’s first atheist church, to traversing the globe, to long nights at home with a pile of good books – all has a place here.

Katie is currently interested in academic communication. She is working at the University of Melbourne, learning the methods of research communication in hopes of discovering new ways research can be easily communicated to a digital audience.

In November 2017 Katie completed her first research project: an exploration of how news is disseminated via Snapchat. This has put a fire in her belly that she hopes to stoke with further follow-up research projects. Meanwhile, she will share her thoughts and findings with you, here in this blog.